Phew! We’€™ve had to rewrite pretty much the whole of GeoGebra to achieve this, and we’€™ve had to do this while doing other cool things like HTML5 & the CAS View but finally we’€™re ready to release GeoGebra 5 with 3D.

The 3D Superhero behind all this is of course Mathieu Blossier who has been coding and coordinating from his poky attic room in Rouen since 2008 and as they say “€œWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going“€ which definitely applies to Mathieu. There have already been many benefits to 2D GeoGebra behind the scenes from the 3D work. For example in GeoGebra 4 we added the Point in Object tool so that Points could be placed on Polygons in 3D later on. As usual our wonderful translators have been working hard ready for the release so GeoGebra 5 is already available in all the usual languages. Some other highlights:
  • Splines are now supported directly
  • The Freehand Shape Tool now recognises ellipses
  • New FitImplicit command which allows curve-fitting for implicit curves
  • We’€™ve added some more commands to the CAS View
  • Support for certain types of automatic proving
  • Redesigned icons, sliders and checkboxes
  • Circles, ellipses etc can now have transparent (or no) outline.
You can read about the full changes in the Release Notes.

7 Mutually touching cylinders

Unnamed shape, discovered using GeoGebra

Net of a cube

Cross-section of a pyramid

Dandelin’s theorem

Anyway, enough said. Download GeoGebra with 3D and have fun! Mike, Markus and the entire GeoGebra team

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